10 things to think about when planning your New Oak Glazed Extension.

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An oak glazed extension does truly change the appearance and feel of your home both inside and outside, adding additional space and value to your home.

As with everything in life, arranging, planning and examination is essential – and luckily, we've done that part for you… 

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What are the types of Oak Glazed Extensions?

All oak conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms, built properly, are extensions to your home with more glass than a standard home extension. 

What we really mean by saying built properly is that they are built to building regulations standards, whether building regulations apply or not, making sure that your glazed extension is consistently habitable throughout the year. More on that later…...

So, what is the difference between a Conservatory, an Orangery, Garden Room or Glazed Extension? 

In simple terms, a Conservatory normally has a fully glazed roof. A rule of thumb is that 75% of the rooftop is glazed. 

An Orangery usually has an area or roof that is flat, within this features one or more glazed lanterns. An alternative design may include a mansard tiled roof.

A Garden Room can have the above features, or at least the roof does. 
However, part of the roof may be covered in slate or tiles, sometimes featuring ‘Velux’ style glazed roof vents.

A Glazed Extension is a glazed room that has less prominent frames to the outside with full glazing, providing unobstructed views.

Each of these may include the option of french doors, sliding glass doors or bi-folding doors that open completely, creating a flow from the home to the garden.

Find out more information about differing styles here:

Wooden Conservatory | Oak Conservatories | Oak Orangeries

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Will it be blistering hot in the summer or excessively cold in winter?

It is often assumed that a glazed extension will be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

There is some truth to this. Ignoring the frame material, if there is poor ventilation, or the incorrect glass then this is when these issues occur.

You will hear of people having issues with older style glass extension, because the materials were simply not available as they are today, technology has bought the products a long way in even the last 5 years.


Heating and ventilation need to be properly planned to take into account the new area and the design of the new area.

In the winter for example your conservatory will quickly warm-up in the day, if the sun is out, the temperature can quickly drop when evening comes though, and this is why we plan the heating required for all year-round comfort.

The natural heating from the sun can be supplemented with underfloor heating or modern stylish radiators, whichever is decided design preference.

We can provide a heating engineer to assess the best way forward and take into account the new glazed extension design, taking away any stress at the planning stage.

Ventilation is simpler using the windows and roof vents, which can be manually or automatically controlled.

All our staff have years of valuable experience and knowledge within the industry and will advise you on this matter, our product quality is such that it too takes away the stress of this topic.

For a detailed look at this and other questions we are often asked on this subject, click the link: 

Conservatory Heating & Ventilation

What do I have to consider about the design?
wooden conservatory sussex

Planning is crucial to ensure your glass extension can be used comfortably the entire year around whether it be an open plan project or a separated room ,either perfect for extending the kitchen or sitting room or making the area as you want it to be.

We see a lot of designs that are open plan, essential to open plan living is the quality and design of the finished product. 

Psychologically most people are positively affected by light rooms, therefore we design with this thought in mind.

Whether you choose traditional or contemporary, we provide the bespoke service and complete the design and manufacture of an end product specifically with all your requirements in mind.

Designing also will take into account the materials used and the sort of frame required, this differs from each person, using our premium oak products to modern aluminum you are not restricted by choice and the design process takes in to account what your existing property would benefit from the best, ensuring you end up with the dream glazed extension you would love.

Various door designs are also available such as french, bi-fold and sliding options - we will assist you with overall design and what suits for the use of the room and the overall design features.

It is of value to consider what you will use your new space for too, will it be an open plan kitchen with a dining area, a playroom, lounge area, office space or a general family chill out room to look over the garden. We take this into account and thus design to suit.

Knowing the area of space required also features within the design considerations, this also is planned into what you will be using the room for, we will be able to judge for you the space needed based on the use of the room and can advise and design to suit.

Get Your FREE Design Consultation Today

What can a Glazed Extension be used for?

The use can really be whatever you dream of or just really need.

A kitchen extension that is open plan, creating flow through the house, dining space, a lounge extension, whatever your thoughts are with our guidance your new space will be adaptable and provide a perfect extension for the use you wish it to have.

As our conservatories, orangeries and glazed extension are bespoke for each client this means that they come in all shapes, sizes and design detail, you are only restricted by your imagination!

Consider that with bi-folding doors you can merge the indoors with outdoors, creating an outdoor eating area that naturally flows from perhaps a glazed kitchen extension. You could be eating your Sunday lunch with the sense of being outside!

A glazed extension from Richmond Oak offers a modern, adaptable space, with the highest quality and price to suit all budgets.

Read how some of our other clients have used their extra space: Richmond Oak Case Studies

Building Regulations, Listed Building Consent & Planning Permission

For in-depth advice, visit our Advice Hub:
Conservatory Advice Hub

Guarantee & Deposit Protection

Richmond Oak provides a 10-year guarantee on the hardwood conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms we build.

As well as providing ‘peace of mind’ with deposit and guarantee insurance cover for all our client’s contracts up to £200,000 in value. This covers all deposits of up to £50,000 or 25% of the contract price and our guarantee of up to 10 years, in the event that the Company should cease trading within the guarantee period.

For more details click the link below:
Deposit Insurance and Guarantee


Glass is a big consideration, there are a wide variety of choices available but it’s important you consider the specification to best suit your requirements, especially important when wanting a living space to use all year round.

For further information please click the link:
Conservatory Glass | Richmond Oak Conservatories Limited

oak conservatory sussex
Richmond Design Process

For further information about what your design consultation entails click the link:
What goes into buying an oak orangery or conservatory?

Replacing your existing old conservatory with a new glazed extension

Many have a conservatory that was built many years ago, it is now energy in-efficient as well as just plain dated and tired.

With modern glass and modern frames, your new glazed extension will be guaranteed to be significantly more thermal efficient and will give you space you can comfortably use all year round.

Also usually planning permission is not necessary to convert an existing conservatory to a new glass extension, building regulations may be required but we will guide you through this process.

Read more about planning permission here:

Moving your project forward

After we visit for the first time, we then take all your ideas, requirements and measurements, we then come back to you with a detailed design proposal based on this, from there it is a two-way process to finalise a design that once agreed is booked in our joinery and installation schedule.

Need a little more information?

To help you with your buying decision of your bespoke hardwood conservatory or orangery, we have put together the Richmond Oak Buyers Guide.

Free Buyer's Guide

"What you need to know when planning to Improve Your Home with a Conservatory or Orangery"

Download your FREE Buyers Guide

Don’t just take our word for it, click the link to see what our clients say about us!

Richmond Oak Testimonials

In summary, no two Richmond Oak glazed extensions are the same, so if you don't see a design similar to what you require don't think we are unable to provide it.

We pride ourselves in producing buildings to exceed the aspirations of our clients and provide a 'Wow!' environment to their home.

We are able to model the proposed design for your home extension with a 3D visualisation.

Whilst the same software allows us to superimpose the model onto a photo of your home, at the same time it calculates accurately the price for carrying out the work. Please don't hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation site visit with the opportunity to have a detailed design proposal.

We have a team of experienced designers and are able to provide a supply and fit service throughout England and in some cases a supply only solution.

Please get in touch to find out more...

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Need a little more information?

Click the link below to download our brochure, or give us a call on
08456 442257

Richmond Oak Brochure Download

To help you with your project decisions regarding your bespoke hardwood conservatory or orangery, we have put together the new Richmond Oak Brochure.

"The first step to your dream living space starts here... add more space, more light, more 'Wow' to your property & home!"

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