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10 top tips for working from home

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10 top tips for working from home from Richmond Oak

Here at Richmond Oak our admin and design team are working from home for the foreseeable future, as many others are across the country due to the current situation. Although some may be used to working from home, for most this is a new experience and will need to adapt to the change in environment. Here are a few tips that we have recommended to our team and you may find useful. 

Have a morning routine
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Don’t oversleep or extend your breakfast, eating just one more slice of toast or croissant as you will start to feel overly relaxed and sluggish. Get up with enough time to do some exercise, read something inspirational, make a list of the most important tasks for the day. If family is at home with you make sure to spend some time with them before the day starts. Start your day on the front foot and with positive focus! Tip: Don’t get distracted with social media or watching the news for too long. 

Act as if you are going into the office

To keep your mental health in check, do all the things you would do if you were going into the office, set your alarm, have a shower, put on some nice clothes to keep a separation between work and home, before you get stuck into your projects 

Plan your day as you would in the office

Become your own manager, without a plan you can easily become distracted then bogged down in the tasks that are not completed, schedule your day, make a list, tick the completed work off the list, it will keep your focused, seeing you have completed your work which

will in turn make you less stressed. Tip: Break your tasks into bite sized time chunks throughout the day.

Have a clear separated, light and airy workspace

With a dedicated desk space you will find it easier to concentrate, sitting on the sofa with your laptop may seem comfortable but is less likely to give the all-important separation. 

Have a dedicated work space
Keep connected to all your work colleagues

Working from home can make you isolated from the work environment so utilise video conferencing, keep up to date with your colleagues, it gives reassurance that what you are doing is important and the work you are each doing to support each other and the company.

Talk through expectations with anyone who will be home with you

You may be working from home but the people around you may not be, your children, partner, parents, brother and sisters, even the cat and dog! You may be at home, but it does not mean you are ‘at home’ and you need the time and space to be able to work as efficiently as you can. (the cat is most likely going to ignore all rules, lay on the laptop and spill any coffee). Equally be conscious that there may be times when you need to give your partner a break from looking after the family and may also be working from home. Which brings me on to...

Make sure you have breaks

Have a proper break, don’t sit in the same seat all day and or stare at the computer all day, get up, go and do something away from the desk, spend time with others in the house, relax and give yourself some breathing space to pause the day.

Set a clear finishing time each day

It is easy to get caught up with trying to finish projects that you would not usually do if you were in the office, set an alarm if necessary but keep the home/work life balance, don’t lose sight of time, don’t put things off, act as if you are in the office, close down your work at the set time, go and see the dog or cat if you have one!

Say hi to the dog!
Keep positive

When you work remotely full-time, it can get lonely, seek guidance on how to maintain a positive mindset, keep in contact with others and share stories or wins that have been achieved no matter how small. 

Finally, embrace the perks

Take a walk in your garden, spend your lunch hour with your kids, with your partner, read a book, take up a new exercise practise such as yoga and make plans about the great things you want to do once the current situation is over. 

Oak garden room home office

Additional useful reading:

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 tips, there will be more coming from the team at Richmond Oak, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Thanks for reading.

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