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Bespoke Hardwood Conservatories and Orangeries

Bespoke Hardwood ConservatoriesBespoke Hardwood Conservatories & Orangeries

Our conservatories and orangeries are custom-designed for you

Bespoke Hardwood Conservatories, custom built orangeries and tailor-made glass buildings are designed by our specialist draughtsmen and are created to personify our clients’ visions and aspirations. Each client and brief is different and so is our conservatory design.

Such is our level of creativity that since 2006 we have not created two conservatories the same. Nearly all have been built from seasoned oak, a hardwood that will last for decades and that will age gracefully with its environment.

Our bespoke conservatories include deliveries for timber conservatories with huge sliding doors, thatched cottage conservatories, lead roof orangeries, arts and craft-style buildings, green oak style conservatories, a kitchen conservatory, garden rooms, glass atriums and glazed extensions.

A History of Bespoke

A note on the word bespoke. Bespoke is derived from the word bespeak, meaning to ask for or order something. The word has its origins in London’s Savile Row famous for its bespoke tailored mens suits. Historically, a customer would “speak” for a measure of cloth cut from a bolt of fabric and until the suit had been completed this fabric would not be available too any other customer. It was bespoken for and thus the term bespoke came into use.

Over time other manufacturers of products that are specially made and not off-the-shelf or stock items have adopted the word. So when we talk about constructing bespoke conservatories for our clients you will understand that they are designed and made exclusively for them and that while they will share design features with other conservatories, just as in a suit; the size, shape and finish will be unique to the conservatory.

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Of course making bespoke conservatories can take a little longer than just buying a standard design, but it does mean that you end up with a wood conservatory that will match your property and not look like a badly stuck on afterthought. And like a bespoke suit it will last for years, look absolutely stunning and be a talking point with friends and neighbours. Surprisingly, it won’t cost the earth, but you don’t have to share that secret with them!