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Aluminium Conservatories and Orangeries

aluminium metal conservatoryAluminium conservatories were very popular during the 70’s and 80’s. Before they ceased trading*, traditional conservatory company Amdega conservatories supplied aluminium conservatories through their Machin subsidiary. However, a timber framed conservatory will outperform an aluminium conservatory in a number of ways.

Aesthetically, most people agree that a wooden conservatory is more attractive, despite the fact some people claim that an aluminium conservatory can have a more authentic appearance. However, many architects and designers appreciate hardwood since it allows them more scope than the rigidity enforced on them by off–the–shelf aluminium components.

Moreover, a wooden framed construction is significantly more thermally efficient than the aluminium alternative, and since aluminium can be more expensive than even oak, any percieved savings in construction costs can quickly be eroded by higher annual heating costs. This gives a timber conservatory a much smaller carbon footprint, not just in construction, but throughout its lifetime.

In most cases, even in the various powder coat colour options available for an aluminium conservatory, it has a much colder, more clinical appearance.

Aluminium conservatory producers often claim that their products are maintenance free and that timber conservatories have difficulty in maintaining the roof. However, the fact is that good quality wood conservatories have powder-coated, maintenance free, external aluminium roof capping, making the timber conservatory roof maintentance free from the gutter upwards.

To find out how affordable an oak conservatory can be to both build and maintain Contact Us now.

*Amdega and it’s subsidary Machin ceased trading in early 2011 and although Everest purchased the brand name, Everest accepted no liability for the outstanding contracts or any warranty liability. There is no similarity between the current Everest ‘Amdega’ brand conservatory and those previously supplied by Amdega or Machin.

If you are interested in an Aluminium Conservatory please visit our uPVC/Aluminium Division: Hallmark Conservatories.

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