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A 100% glass conservatory refers to the fact that the roof of the conservatory is glass and not one with a polycarbonate roof. We only build and supply glass conservatories as they are much more attractive than the alternative. What’s more, for a listed property they will probably be mandatory.

A glass roof conservatory can be glazed in a variety of different ways to provide colour, shade and various degrees of insulation.

It is wise not to make any hard and fast decision about which glazing you want until you have talked to one of our designers who will take into consideration, the aspect of your conservatory, the use you expect to make of it and the heating you may wish to include within it. They will help you to make an informed choice. In the meantime we have written a short introduction to conservatory glass that you may find interesting.

If you are looking for a glass conservatory contact us now and we’ll happily provide you with advice.

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