Building near Trees and Shrubs

If there are trees or shrubs within 35 metres of your new conservatory they will impact on the design and cost of your foundations. Clay shrinks or swells according to seasonal changes in weather and by trees, hedges and shrubs extracting moisture from the clay. In very hot summers this can cause subsidence, so to […]

Building Materials

Planning Officers and Conservation Officers will usually find it easier to approve plans for a new or replacement conservatory if the materials used in construction are in harmony with the building it is attached too, or to those in the surrounding area. This means using the appropriate brick or stone for plinth walls and using […]

Building in Area of Natural Beauty

If you do live in a AONB you will need to apply for Planning Permission to build a conservatory. You should contact your Local Authority to do so; they will usually look of requests more favourably if local materials are used. You can ask your designer, architect or builder for advise on this. They will […]

Breakfast Conservatory

Isn’t it great when the family can sit down together at breakfast time when you’re on holiday? The rest of the year the family are rushing to school or to work at different times and there is little or no time to spend together. But weekends can be different and some weekdays as well if […]

Barn Conversions

Adding a conservatory as a Barn extension usually goes against planning regulations and is likely to be objected to. Most local authorities planning policies state that “a barn will be granted planning permission only if it is capable of conversion without significant rebuilding or extension.” If some years after the original conversion has been made you […]

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Natural England is concerned with protecting landscapes for now and future generations and part of their work in achieving this is to designate Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). An AONB is a landscape whose distinctive character and natural beauty are so outstanding that it is in the nation’s interest that it is safeguarded. There are 40 AONB […]

Examples of AONB

National Association for AONBs provide a full list and a map of all the AONB in England & Wales. They include areas such as the Chilterns, Cotswolds, Isle of Wight, Malvern Hills, North Pennines, Sussex Downs and the Gower Peninsula. If you are unsure whether you live within the boundaries of an Area of Outstanding […]

Conservatory Advice Tips

Conservatory Advice Tips

All you need to know when planning a new conservatory. FREE conservatory advice covering dozens of subjects. FAQ’s on Conservatory Planning, Selection & Design. These pages on Conservatory Advice have been put together to give you hints, tips and all the help you may need in the planning of a new conservatory, orangery, sun–room or […]

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