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Bespoke Conservatory and Orangery Roofs

conservatory roofConservatory roofing has a vocabulary all of its own. Let us introduce you to; octagons, pyramids, hipped, standard, gable ended and roof lanterns. A conservatory roof can be made of polycarbonate (ugh!), or more satisfactorily in a variety of shades of glass together with differing thermal properties. You’ll need a structure with sufficient strength to withstand a heavy fall of snow, but with an elegance of design that will allow you to enjoy sunny days and starlit nights.

Conservatory and Orangery Roofs

Ventilation and access and ease of cleaning of a conservatory roof are issues as well, particularly if you have overhanging tree branches, a gutter or low-flying pigeons!

One of our designers will be happy to show you the best roofing solution for the size and shape of your conservatory. Contact Us now to find out more.

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