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Hardwood Conservatory Treatment

hardwood conservatory treatmentThe type of hardwood conservatory you choose will effect the treatment that needs to protect it. Certain hardwoods including oak and teak are full of natural resins. These hardwoods can be left untreated to weather in the elements. Because of their high resin contents they are highly durable and can last for centuries. Some people choose to oil these timbers to accentuate the natural grain.

With lesser hardwoods it is important to protect them from rot. The preferred solution for hardwood conservatories is to use micro-porous paints. These paints can breathe and allow moisture to travel out of the wood. The paint is less vulnerable to cracking as was commonplace several years ago.

All woods should have protection applied at the end grain: A good product for this is Kodrin see: http://www.sikkens.co.uk/

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