Home Exterior Decor 2021 Trend Predictions at Halloween

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As it is Halloween, we are bringing you a selection of predicted 2021 trends for Home Exterior Decor, in a  spooktacular fashion!

We have taken a look at trends and questions important in customers minds for 2021 ... To lift your spirits!

Enjoying your home and garden all year round
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Trends in 'Glass Architecture' mean that you can fully enjoy your garden space all year round, bi-folding doors on an orangery for example allow the garden and home to flow together.

As our designs are bespoke, you, together with our design team can really let your creative juices flow, our team can explore the most unusual or traditional ways to extend your family home ... Creating a design that really is a breath of fresh scare!

Wooden Orangery - Sussex
Environmental friendliness

ur commitment to sustainable development and sustainable products

We are asked often about our general environmental commitment, this is a hot topic for us as we know the future balance of the planet could be affected by our products (albeit, in a small way but every little helps).

Our sustainable and environmentally friendly oak frames are still considered to be the ‘king’ of hardwoods for builders and architects alike.

Our oak comes from sustained forests in Poland, there is no industrial process, no harmful waste, no noxious fumes.

The oak we use has already been weathered, stacked and dried prior to use, this means our timber stays tight in joints, every upright remains straight for years to come.

Read more about why we use Oak here …. You will find...Every trick or treat in the book about our oak!
Open plan spaces

The trend over the last year we have seen is to integrate different areas of the home to create a flow throughout the home. 

With walls coming down, extensions are being created to enjoy the natural flow through the home, linking rooms to create a way to gain space and light. 

Read more about our designs and how they reflect open plan living by clicking the link below……There are some Fa-boo-lous designs to be seen!


Oak Orangery - Sussex
Natural Wood Accents

Many homeowners are predicted to remove old uPVC extensions to swap it for natural wood. This is environmentally as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Should you have a period home or a home in a conservation area, unsightly PVC-U windows could actually devalue a property.

A national survey of estate agents by English Heritage found replacement of windows and doors with a cheap product to be the single biggest threat to property values in conservation areas. 

You can read more about the features of our products HERE ... Fangs for taking the time!

Oak Garden Rooms
Ways to improve mental health in the home

We are living in very stressful times, at Richmond Oak, with this in mind, we look for ways to assist in your living environment.

A recent survey by YouGov has revealed that a high amount of homeowners, indeed as high as 87% believe that their homes play a large part in their positive mental health. 

The most popular finding was having a well thought out garden or outdoor space, with 64% saying this was a priority.

Polled by YouGov the findings reveal the importance of feeling safe, with secure doors and windows - 60%, natural light with conservatories/orangery/large windows - 56%, tranquility - 57%, comfortable temperatures all year round -51%.

Find out more on how we can help your garden space become…..unBOOlievable

Can a Timber Extension Really Have a Positive Impact on Health and Well-Being?

Guarantees and assurances during Covid-19

We know that you also need peace of mind, when looking to buy a glazed extension, which is why we have a guarantee to assure you during these Covid-19 times. 

Should you sign a trick or treaty ……. purchase your new Richmond Oak glazed extension with confidence and  our Deposit Insurance and Guarantee Protection.

Oak Conservatory

Thank you for reading our Halloween blog, we have tried to find the best trends for 2021 and will be updating this soon ... Just to creep it real!

Finally, we have pumpkin else to talk about, we are currently booking in our fangtastic designers for appointments to ensure our clients a Spring Time Installation.

Want to read more about some of our projects…..undertaken…..

Case Studies | Richmond

Click the link below for testimonials from our fabulous clients, we are not bragging, you know what they say though…… If you’ve got it, haunt it!

Richmond Oak Testimonials | Oak Conservatories

Please get in touch to blow away the cobwebs and discuss how to book your design consultation with one of our experts.

Have a Spooky Halloween from Richmond Oak Conservatories

Have a Spooky Halloween!

Have a Spooky Halloween from Richmond Oak Conservatories
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