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How To Keep Cool in Your Conservatory This Summer

An oak conservatory provides a fantastic, and highly valuable, extra living space to your home. However, as we move into the height of summer, many people will disregard their conservatory as a room to avoid, assuming it’s an uncomfortable place to spend time during the warm weather.

However, there are many cooling solutions which will help to ensure your conservatory is both usable and comfortable during hot temperatures.

So how can you keep cool in your conservatory this summer? Read our advice below, which includes five key features which can, in some cases, be added to an existing conservatory or considered during an oak conservatory build.

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Quality Glazing

​A great way to make sure your conservatory is cool during the summer months is to invest in quality glazing. Here at Richmond Oak, we advise using, and can install, the highest quality glass in the industry.

For roofs, this means using SmartGlass Ultra 86, a blue tint solar control glass which is toughened and has a self-cleaning surface. Its excellent thermal qualities ensure it reflects 86% heat on hot days and with a 1.0 u-value is the most efficient argon filled double glazing to retain heat on cold days, making it up to 270%% more effective than many other roof glasses. In addition, its 91% UV protection will protect the furniture and fabrics within your conservatory.

If you don’t want blue roof glass, we have other options but would recommend SmartGlass Neutral Tint, another solar control glass with great thermal benefits.

Oak Garden Room

Oak Garden Room

Often the subject of glazing in the frames is neglected, but can have a glass area of up to double that of the roof. At Richmond Oak, for your frames we recommend SmartGlass W Ultimate, clear, self-cleaning, solar control glass with low-e, argon fill, warm edge spacer, a 50%+ heat reflection on a hot day and a 1.0 u-value making it 20% more efficient than most glass in keeping the heat in, on a cold day. Plus, it has a 6.8mm laminated pane meeting the highest standards of increased security, providing a 98% u-v filter to protect your furnishings, and the different glass thickness & laminated glass provides superior soundproofing.

Conservatory Roof Vents

​It’s important to remember how vital good conservatory ventilation is and roof vents are a fantastic solution for this. Highly recommended by Richmond Oak, a conservatory roof vent functions in a similar way to a chimney. It will allow warm air to escape, whilst also drawing in fresh, cooler air. This will make sure your conservatory is well ventilated and cool during warmer temperatures.

There are various roof vent options available, including manual roof vents and electric roof vents. Electric versions are great, as they allow you to operate the vent with either a wall-mounted rocker switch or remote control, ensuring you can open and close them quickly and easily. The best option is for an automatic roof vent, complete with digital climate control and rain sensor system, meaning you can go out with peace of mind knowing that they will open or close as required.

Contemporary Orangery

Contemporary Orangery

Ceiling Fans

​Ceilings fans are also an option for a conservatory and will help to keep your conservatory well ventilated. During the summer it will aid cooling by ensuring air is circulated adequately. In addition, when used in conjunction with a roof vent, a conservatory ceiling fan can help to draw air towards the vent and create a cooling draught within the conservatory.

Depending on the size and style of your conservatory, you may choose to install one or more ceiling fans. The specialists here at Richmond Oak can advise on the most appropriate number, as well as the best places to put them.

Conservatory Blinds

​Window blinds are often a useful addition to your conservatory in order to help control light, ensure privacy and will help to keep your conservatory both cool and well insulated all year round. At Richmond Oak we only recommend blinds where privacy is an issue, as they are insect and fly traps, and difficult to clean. However, we are able to provide you with blinds between the glass so that they remain clean and unobtrusive at all times.

Contemporary Oak Conservatory

Contemporary Oak Conservatory

Oak Conservatory

Oak Conservatory

Air Conditioning Units

Nowadays there are excellent Air conditioning unit options available that can keep your conservatory cool during the summer. They will quickly and effectively keep your conservatory at your desired temperature - making it a place people will love spending time when it’s warm.

Air conditioning units are even capable of helping to heat your conservatory during cooler months. This is because its heat pump can take warm air from outside your conservatory and direct it inside. Air conditioning units are also being considered nowadays as an alternative to underfloor heating during the winter.

The experts at Richmond Oak can help advise you on the best location for your conservatory air conditioning unit, including whether to opt for a low wall-mounted system or a high wall-mounted system.

​Here at Richmond Oak Conservatories we design and install beautiful timber conservatories, garden rooms and sunrooms. Our hardwood conservatories are designed for use all year round and we can recommend a variety of cooling solutions which will help keep your oak conservatory at a comfortable temperature. For more information, get in touch with the expert team at Richmond Oak Conservatories today.

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