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Why this could be the best time to start thinking about improving your home with a glazed extension

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The benefit of time at home - an opportunity to plan your future dream living space.

oak framed extensions

Why now?

With over half of the UK currently working from home. It is likely you’re spending more time in your home than ever and, like us, you might be noticing some areas of your home that could do with updating or the need for additional living space.

With a further three weeks announced of “lockdown”, we will all be dreaming of taking a holiday somewhere when this is over. It appears though that due to the effects on travel movement and the economy it is highly likely that we are considering a potential investment in home improvement projects instead. Google Analytics appears to support this with the search term 'conservatories' trending right now. 

Isolation is your chance to really spend time in your living space re-evaluating if your home is fit for purpose and discover what does and does not work for you and your family. Rather than dealing with the normal frenetic pace of everyday life, you can put more thought and time into progressing potential projects for your home.

Whilst many home improvement projects can be considered DIY there are those that should be best completed by specialist companies. With time on our hands now is the opportunity to plan ahead and make decisions to ensure you are at the front of the queue rather than someone else.

Therefore, let isolation and lockdown become the opportunity to commence your next exciting project!

The discussions our conservatory and orangery design team have had in the past few weeks, via video conferencing, social media and email, have amazed us - all from homeowners who now appreciate how important it is to have their glazed extension and benefits of the extra living space.

We’ve also had many past clients email to tell us how happy they are about having had their conservatory or orangery built, and that they’re taking the opportunity to fully enjoy the space and of course their investment.

“Thank goodness we had the orangery built, it has been one more room to escape to” [Mrs Chant]

timber framed extensions

Such positive feedback when a lot of people are struggling with being positive and has lifted our spirits. We are certainly not pushing sales on you, the feedback we have had has prompted us to write this blog post. Though if you don’t currently have additional living space to enjoy that doesn’t have to be the case in the future. With so many of us kept safely at home, now provides the time to turn dreams into a reality - plan and make decisions about improving your living environment.

Benefits of a glazed extension living space

We know that a glazed extension provides additional options and with more benefits than most appreciate to improve home life well-being due to more space, light and connection with the great outdoors.

  • Extend your kitchen area creating the ‘heart of the home’ to enjoy with family
  • A tranquil oasis of calm for when you need time to relax and take a break
    from the world
  • Bring the outside in and enjoy your garden no matter the weather
oak framed extensions
  • A stunning space to entertain your friends - yes, we will socialise again! 
  • Separate work from home with a dedicated & inspiring office space
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There is now a fantastic opportunity to start planning your oak conservatory or hardwood orangey and how you are going to optimise your living space!

Why is this the best time to do it, you may think, with the whole world being in such strange times?

For a start, we have mentioned: time. There are also investment reasons too.

Saving interest rates have plummeted and the housing market is looking likely to be in a downturn after lockdown for the next few years. By investing in your home, the value of the property will make this more than worth it when you eventually come to sell. It is a known fact that quality glazed extensions and home improvements will always help sell a property. Even if you are not planning to move for a few years, it will still be value for money and increase your property value.

There is the other side of things too. If you were planning to move and now cannot due to financial loss, investing in your existing home with a glazed extension will in most cases add value to the property as well as space.

hardwood framed extensions
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Design Consultations

Our design team is on hand to discuss your project requirements. Book a remote design consultation from the comfort of your own home with one of our friendly designers, via an online meeting, rather than meeting face to face. Our flexible new format lets us guide you through all our options and designs, cover all your questions, give expert advice and assistance. We are poised and ready to soon return to conducting on-site face to face design consultations once the green light is given; watch this space!

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Need a little more information?

Click the link below to download our brochure, or give us a call on
08456 442257

Richmond Oak Brochure Download

To help you with your project decisions regarding your bespoke hardwood conservatory or orangery, we have put together the new Richmond Oak Brochure.

"The first step to your dream living space starts here... add more space, more light, more 'Wow' to your property & home!"

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