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Keeping Your Conservatory Warm This Winter

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As the cold nights draw in and we move firmly into the winter months, many people will abandon their conservatory for fear of a chilly and uninviting environment. But the colder weather is not a reason to avoid your timber conservatory. Instead, there are a number of ways you can make sure your oak conservatory is comfortable all year round.

This guide includes top tips for keeping your conservatory warm this winter. By planning your conservatory design effectively, installing adequate heating and ensuring thermal efficiency, your oak conservatory will be a beautiful additional living space whatever the weather.

Conservatory heating

One of the most obvious ways to keep your conservatory warm is to simply create heat. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of radiators. Having radiators installed in your conservatory will ensure you can quickly and efficiently heat it to your desired temperature. 

Another option for conservatory heating is a plug-in electric heater. These cost less than a radiator initially but are often more expensive to run, making a radiator a more budget-friendly investment in the long-term. 

If your budget allows, underfloor heating has become a very popular and will ensure there is no chill underfoot in your oak conservatory. A benefit is that no wall space is taken up so you can maximise the practicality of how you can use your room with furniture.

Lovely Warm Wooden Conservatories and Orangeries from Richmond Oak
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Also, incorporating a log burning fire within your conservatory but consideration to the roof design needs to be considered, with an orangery or garden room style extension often a better suited style. As well as warmth a log burning fire can provide a great focal point to the room.  

Flooring options

Your choice of flooring is an important consideration - and as the weather gets colder you will really reap the benefits of good quality flooring. If you’re opting for laminate or vinyl flooring, make sure you invest in a high quality underlay. This will help increase the thermal properties of your oak conservatory which, in turn, will help to keep it warm. Carpet is another flooring option and, although a less traditional choice for a conservatory, will help to keep your hardwood conservatory cosy and warm over winter. 

Insulate your roof

If you have an old conservatory, it’s likely you will have a roof made of polycarbonate. Unfortunately, this particular material offers very little insulation and can cause your conservatory to quite cold during the winter months. Although it is a pricey investment, replacing your roof with one that offers greater insulation is a fantastic way to ensure warmer temperatures. 

There are many ways to insulate your conservatory roof - including insulated glass and tiles - all of which will help to heat your conservatory, lower your energy bills and add aesthetic appeal to your home.

Thermally efficient glazing

Quality glazing is a key way to regulate the temperature within your timber conservatory. Not only will it help to keep your conservatory warm, but it will also stop it getting too hot during the summer months - making it a fantastic investment.

Here at Richmond Oak, we recommend a high performing solar control glass that helps to retain heat on even the coldest of days (whilst also reflecting heat during warmer climates). 

If you don’t want tinted roof, we also recommend alternative solar control glass with fantastic thermal benefits.

Contemporary Timber Orangery in Surrey

Contemporary Timber Orangery in Surrey

Prevent heat from escaping

A draughty conservatory is not just a nuisance but also a primary reason for uncomfortable temperatures. This is because draughts will let the cold air in and also allow heat to escape. As such, it is imperative that you prevent this from happening by ensuring proper draught-proofing and adequate joints and seals are installed.

Blinds, rugs and throws

Soft furnishings and accessories are a simple but effective way of keeping your conservatory warm during the winter. Conservatory blinds are particularly useful as they will help to retain heat whilst providing privacy. You can even invest in thermal blinds which will help to regulate the temperature in your conservatory all year round.

Wooden Conservatory with blinds

Wooden Conservatory with blinds

You should also consider accessorising with rugs and throws. These will help to create a cosy and warm environment within your oak conservatory.

Here at Richmond Oak we are premier installers of stunning oak conservatories, orangeries and sunrooms. All of our timber extensions are built with thermal efficiency in mind and we can advise on the best heating, ventilation and glazing options for your requirements and budget. For more information, get in touch with the friendly experts at Richmond Oak today. 

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