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Leaded Glass

conservatory-glass-typesLeaded glass, also known as Leaded Lights, originates from the time when all glass was hand blown. The glass-blower would make a bottle shape and while it was still hot cut it open and make a flat sheet. The small pieces of made by this method would then be joined together by lead to make a single window. There are two main types of leaded glass, rectangular and diamond shaped. Stained glass is made in the same way.

Using a glass of this type can be particularly important if you need to apply for Planning Permission for a Listed Building or one in a Conservation Area.

Modern leaded glass is made by inserting lead strips inside a double–glazed unit. However, the lead does not acquire a natural patina with age as it is not exposed to the elements, and it retains its bright shiny colour. If you are installing leaded glass in your conservatory, you may consider asking for the lead strips to be aged before insertion in the double–glazed unit to provide the faux effect.

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