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Maintaining a Hardwood Conservatory

maintaining a hardwood conservatoryConservatory Maintenance

Reputable hardwood conservatory companies use powder coated aluminium cappings on the roof which cover all the roof beams and the glass. These should last a good ten years before any further treatment is required. The interior glass will need cleaning just like normal windows. If you have self cleaning glass you should follow the manufacturers instructions.

Micro-porous paints and stains on the hardwood elements should be re-applied every five years. However, with high resin hardwoods like oak it is better if these are applied more frequently to retain a pristine appearance.

If you are seeking the weathered oak conservatory look then oil infrequently and allow the timber to grey and age in the sun. However, if you require a more modern oak look then follow this advice on conservatory roof cleaning and oil more frequently.

Door and window locking systems should be cleaned regularly and lightly oiled every six months.

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