Conservatories and Sustainable Timber

The source of timber used in making furniture and other wood-made products has been in the news headlines again recently. Just last week a national newspaper reported that a well-known Scandinavian flatpack furniture supplier was keeping its products as cheap as possible by sacrificing its targets for wood certification which are currently less than 25% of all the wood it uses.

Forestry Stewardship Council logo.
Forestry Stewardship Council logo

Another report calculated that 5-million hectares of forest are degraded or lost each year by illegal trade and that 17-years after the formation of the Forest Stewardship Council only a third of people recognised its logo. According to the WWF, £700-million worth of illegal timber is imported into the UK each year.

Good news then, that from March 2013, an EU regulation will come into force making it an offence to market illegal timber and timber products in any member states.

Our Timber Environmental Policy

So here’s some important reassurance for all our customers who we have already built conservatories and orangeries for, and for people planning to have one of our bespoke conservatories installed. All of the oak we use for construction is European Oak (Quercus Robur) and is sourced from sustainable forests in Eastern Europe.

Oak sourced from managed sources in Europe has further benefits to the environment. The carbon footprint to transport it to the UK is tiny in comparison to the ecological cost of importing hardwoods from Africa, South America and Asia. What’s more, the short distance involved means that we have a much closer relationship with our suppliers and are not having the wool pulled over our ecological eyes by unscrupulous timber vendors thousands of miles away.

Of course, we also happen to think that an oak conservatory looks far better than one made from other hardwoods, with a beautiful furniture finish on the inside and a choice of a natural finish or painted finish on the exterior.

You can find out more about the oak used in our conservatories by following the link, and ask to talk to one of our conservatory design consultants by visiting our contact page.