Conservatory Paint or Natural Finish?

Choosing the appropriate paint finish for your conservatory is an important decision. Unfortunately, it is not always a decision that you are left alone to take. If you live in a Listed Property, in a Conservation Area or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), you may have to choose an exterior colour that matches the existing window and doorframes of your property.

Some people find this disappointing, especially if they have chosen to have their conservatory built in a timber such as oak that does look wonderful when it is treated to enhance the beauty of the grain and oak colour.

However, there are compensations. Having the exterior painted and leaving the interior in its natural finish does provide a pleasing counterpoint that emphasises the colour and grain.

Depending on how adventurous you are you can choose an analogous colour or a complementary colour. An analogous colour is a combination you would find in nature because the colours are in harmony. So for example a light oak interior would give you an analogous colour of red or yellow. A complementary colour to light oak would be a shade of blue.

You should ask your conservatory supplier to show you a sample of the wood your conservatory is being built in so that you can look at the colours you would like to use if there are no restrictions on what you can use.

Sometimes, the safest solution is to simply specify white. It does seem to be the traditional conservatory finish, most probably because it matches the majority of window and doorframes.

I’ve included a photograph of a conservatory constructed in oak with a white finish along with this article. It is a is an example of a conservatory with a gable inspired by a cartwheel design.