Garden Design & Conservatory Design

The Society of Garden Designers (SGD) celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year and to mark the occasion, the SGD are joining forces with the Royal Horticultural Society to launch Open Gardens for summer 2011.This will see 30 gardens from Surrey in the south, to York in the north, designed by members and fellows of the SGD, open to celebrate the very best of British Garden Design. Included in these openings will be a garden by Dan Pearson, whose project for Maggie’s Garden Centre will be open in June.

Why Garden Design…Why Conservatory Design?

You should call in a professional garden designer if you really want more than what a good gardener can achieve. This is especially important if you are thinking about structural work in the garden, such as the installation of walls and other hard features, water features and buildings. Many of these may require planning permission and as with conservatory installation, it is worth working with experts who have been faced with the problems of dealing with planners before.

A professional garden design will also complement your property and the surrounding countryside…in the same way that a bespoke conservatory will. Off-the-shelf standard designs for both conservatories and gardens rarely reach a satisfactory eye-pleasing standard.

It could be said that the SGD are working in the 21st century to achieve the harmony created 100-years ago when Gertrude Jekyll and Sir Edwin Luytens collaborated on many famous gardens.

You can find a list of Garden Designers on the SGD website and more about conservatory design by following the link.