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Spring has sprung!
Top 10 tips for the Spring Garden in 2020

Spring is in the air and has come exactly at the right time. Over the coming weeks we will be spending more time than ever at home due to the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in. The springtime weather will enable us to enjoy the garden and appreciate it even more. Below are our Top 10 tips for the spring garden in 2010, we hope you find them useful no matter how green fingered you are.

Oak Orangery Sussex
Sustainable Gardens
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The environment and climate change are on everyone’s minds, sustainability is very much at the forefront of gardening at the moment. Using less artificial looking landscaping and far more plants to create a haven for wildlife. Featuring low maintenance, evergreen plants that don’t need as much watering and using natural materials from ethical and sustainable sources, or recycled materials to create landscaped features.

Spring flower and bee
Vertical Gardens

Green walls and vertical gardening continue to gather momentum, with people living in towns becoming more and more keen to surround themselves by plants in their small gardens.
These can be filled with herbs to create a beautiful smell as well as look.

Growing Your Own
Home grown garden vegetables

Now, more than ever people are starting to realise the importance of growing their own fruit and vegetables. There is an increased awareness of where their food is coming from, growing your own, whether in a garden, balcony or allotment, is the safest, really rewarding and of course the cheapest way of controlling where your food comes from.

With more people wanting to create glass extensions where the kitchen becomes more a part of the garden people are much more imaginative about how they grow it. Not stuck in a traditional Veg Garden but including fruits and veg into traditional flower borders.

Wildlife Planting

Planting schemes are getting wilder which is beneficial for wildlife. Garden designers are favouring simpler forms of plants – for example single flowers rather than doubles which are better for bees and insect life, rather than artificial-looking hybrids which contain little or no nectar. The traditional herbaceous border is giving way to something a little more unstructured, with loosely clipped shrubs and decorative grasses to add impact and evergreens.

Less Formality

There has been an emerging trend from the last few years, with sustainability and wildlife in people minds the garden has become less formal, more wildlife planting, more fruit and vegetables, stunning colours and smells that help the environment.

oak conservatory sussex
Building Materials

Natural and sustainable products are the key trends, people looking at sustainable wood products, from the garden conservatory to the raised vegetable bed, the key themes are natural and the source is of course of importance, gone are the days of people using plastic, PVCu and throw away products, it is all about a greener area, in both terms of sight and products.

Spring garden flower ideas
Lose the plastic

Shed full of unrecyclable black plastic pots? Sound familiar?, this will change, with a rise in more sustainable materials, such as coir or fibre pots, wooden seed trays, using bamboo in creative ways to replace plastic, recycled wooden products, wooden garden buildings made from sustainable products.

Garden and Wellbeing

People know the therapeutic benefits of gardening, both physical and mental, and it is no longer a pastime for the middle aged or elderly. There are great wellness benefits in creating living spaces that embrace the sense of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ by extending into the garden. An oak orangery or wooden conservatory being a perfect solution to enjoy the garden all year long.

wooden orangery sussex
Soil and Composting

The government recently passed an Agriculture Bill, the first in 40 years, which will provide support to farmers to manage their land in a more environmentally friendly way.

The way in which this matters to the average homeowner will be composting, with the weekly rubbish collection now being separated into recycling and less going to landfill, there is a great uptake in people composing of veg and compostable materials.


Some indoor plants can help to filter certain toxins found in common household materials, so they are good for your physical health as well as your mental health. There is a trend for plants that were perhaps more popular in the 70’s and 80’s, even wallpaper is following these trends, it is all about bringing the outdoors in.

wooden conservatory sussex

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We hope you enjoyed our top 10 tips, there will be more coming from the team at Richmond Oak, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Thankyou for reading.

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