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Top 10 Home Trends for 2020

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Make Do and Mend
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Having a quick peek around social media will highlight just how popular upcycling, repairing and personalising home accessories has been this year. With a focus on sustainability and reducing our waste, there are pages dedicated to upcycling old pieces of furniture and fixtures on Facebook and Instagram, that continue to grow in popularity.

Home Trend No.1 - Richmond Oak Conservatories
Global Style

At the beginning of the year Pinterest announced that it is not just our food tastes and travel bucket list that are influenced by the exotic, but increasingly our homes, too. Given that holidays are looking to be off the cards for the time being, bringing the exotic into the home is now a massive design trend, with tropical wallpapers growing in popularity and large statement greenery.

Home Trend No.2 - Richmond Oak Conservatories
Real Wood

Again, following trends on social media it is apparent that the world has had time to consider aspects perhaps not focused on as much as before - the need for sustainable, quality products. This ranges from the upcycling of timber items, (far sturdier than a cheap flat pack) to the building of wooden framed conservatories and oak orangeries.

Wooden Framed Extensions - Richmond Oak Conservatories

We have certainly learned the value of the humble pallet this year, with designs popping up all over social media of feature walls to outdoor furniture, created with the simple pallet being the material. Other unique designs we have seen are handrails created using long, thick branches. The message is certainly one of taking more care of the environment whilst lockdown seems to have sparked the creativity within people.

Home Trend No.4 - Richmond Oak Conservatories
Gold, Copper & Brass

Kitchen handles, door handles, taps, door furniture, bathroom accessories have all seen the continued design trends for gold, copper and brass. Brass and copper taking on a beautiful natural patina with age, that stainless steel simply does not provide.

Home Trend No.5 - Richmond Oak Conservatories
Dark Kitchens

The trend for dark navy and black kitchens has grown over this year. As navy is the colour of the year, this trend looks certain to continue, with styles mixing brass elements and natural wood, especially on floors and extensions, bringing together a beautiful combination.

Home Trend No.6 - Richmond Oak Conservatories

After a few years of seeing grey everywhere in the home the emerging trends are now looking towards white being a main colour, with accent walls of navy being very popular. Accessories are still favourable in muted, dusky pinks and of course finishing touches in brass, copper and gold.

Home Trend No.7 - Richmond Oak Conservatories

Sumptuously seductive, velvets and wool are high on the list for accessory trends for this year. Velvet sofas are popular, creating a cosy interior through layering textures, with cushions, throws and curtains to complement the décor.

Home Trend No.8 - Richmond Oak Conservatories
Bringing The Outdoors In

One thing that lockdown has shown is that we all need the outdoors for our mental and physical health. Increasing living space or adapting an existing space to embrace the elements of nature is proving to be more popular than ever. Glazed extensions such as oak conservatories or hardwood orangeries provide an environment that can be enjoyed all year round, natural light and a connection with the garden.

Oak Framed Extensions - Richmond Oak Conservatories

oak framed extensions

What Next?

Without question, this has been a strange year. The main thing that we have seen trending is people taking pride in their homes. They are keen to freshen up their homes, with the housing market looking concerning for the next few years ahead. By investing in your home, it will pay off. Even if you’re not planning to move for a few years, it will still increase the value of your property and in the meantime ensure you make the most of the space available to you.

Home Trend No.10 - Richmond Oak Conservatories

We hope you enjoyed the top 10 home trends for 2020.

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