Top 10 kitchen design trends of 2020

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We would like to thank our friends, Sarah Henshall and Amy Betsworth, the co-directors of Polished Kitchen Designs in Sussex - for providing their top 10 kitchen design trends of 2020. With a joint 10 years of kitchen showroom experience, Polished Kitchen Designs in Sussex are dedicated to providing the bespoke kitchen design that you’ve always dreamt of! 

Dramatic Colours
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Often thought of as something that should just be an accent colour, dark colours such as slate grey or black on walls, cabinets and work surfaces have continued to grow in popularity this year. Hues of black are liveable, luxe and inviting, with textured woods adding rustic, homely charm. If you want to be bang on trend for 2020, match your dark cabinets with a dark and dramatic worktop for the extra wow factor.

Mornington Shaker Graphite
'Pops' of Colour

Your kitchen is the heart of your home so don’t be afraid to personalise it with your favourite colour. From splashbacks to accessories such as storage pots, toasters, have some fun introducing colour whether it is bright and vibrant or a more subtle tone to suit your taste. These can be easily changed and updated when you get bored and want to try something new.

Milborne Partridge Grey
Larder Love

There is a growing trend for refillable glassware and pots and, in turn the shops that you can buy the products from. With the use of plastic declining in popularity, now is the time to create a functional but beautiful larder with all the food goods organised and in one place.

Choose between hidden pull out larders or make a feature with a bespoke breakfast pantry which as well as being practical looks effortlessly chic. 

Milbourne Partrige Grey
Two Tone

Two-tone kitchens remain popular this year. The options are vast; try differing shades for the cabinets, mixed with natural wood to give that homely but modern twist. This is a great opportunity to introduce different textures and colours to keep it looking modern and interesting. You don’t have to go for bold opposing colours, subtle tone differences can look just as beautiful.

New Porter with handle - Dry rose and dust grey
Polished Kitchen Designs ‘colour of 2020’ - Hartforth Blue
Clarendon Hartforth Blue

Dark blue looks set to overtake the grey that we have seen in previous years. Navy kitchens look elegant and stylish, consider combining rich, dark blue cabinetry with pale or marble worktops, neutral walls and natural floors to maintain a balance between light and dark. This stunning Hartforth Blue kitchen is our best selling colour this year and is set to remain that way. Our prediction is that the lighter worktops will be taken over by the darker dramatic shades for 2021….

Eco-friendly architecture

Exposed wood continues to surge in popularity, with many transforming the kitchen and living space with an open plan wooden framed orangery extension. As we are more aware of our global footprint, building projects that prioritise eco-friendly materials, natural finishes and longevity are trends that will continue. Bringing the outdoors in is even more pertinent at this time given our self-isolation and it is likely that people will choose to extend properties rather than move if the property market declines as predicted.

Hardwood Orangery - Kitchen Extension
Handle-less chic

With contemporary and sleek lines, the trend of handle-less units continues to grow over 2020. The stylish pure slab doors look amazing in both matt and gloss finishes, which are teamed with a recessed rail in a choice of finishes. The crisp, sleek lines create an ultra-modern look. The look is versatile and Timeless.

Combining the garden
Oak Orangery - Kitchen Extension

If you have extended into your garden space, make the most of lovely views.

Let the windows be the star of your decorating scheme and wherever possible place furniture where it can oversee your outdoor space.

Keep the decorating scheme paired back, so the view is always foremost.

Connect the outside and in

A popular kitchen extension idea is to link your interior and exterior spaces seamlessly with an orangery. For example, you could use the same stone flooring on the patio as in the kitchen. This allows your kitchen space to blend in with your garden creating a continuous flow from kitchen to patio, giving the illusion of one large room.

Wooden Orangery kitchen extension

Mixing metallics can look just stunning…say goodbye to standard stainless steel with this gold sink with a matt black tap with accents of gold from www.olif.co.uk

We just love the contrast which will instantly add style to your space and will be the talking point of any kitchen!

We hope you enjoyed the top 10 kitchen design trends.

Polished Kitchen Designs aim to provide the outstanding quality that the big brands often don’t, and the competitive prices that independent showrooms cannot. So please take a look at their website, drop them a line and get their brochure which you may find you have extra time now to look through and find inspiration. As well as face to face appointments they are now offering online and virtual appointments too.

Polished Kitchens - Sussex


For more inspiration read our advice on how you can extend your kitchen with an oak orangery or conservatory, click HERE or How to design an open plan kitchen conservatory, click HERE 

There will be more coming from the team at Richmond Oak, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Thank you for reading.

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