What goes into buying an oak orangery or conservatory?

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We are often asked the questions, ‘How do you design an oak conservatory or orangery?’ or ‘What is the process for installing a conservatory?’

Custom Oak Orangery

Custom Oak Orangery

In a series of blogs over the next month, we will be explaining how easy it is to design and install your new oak orangery or conservatory with Richmond Oak.

Stage 1 - Your Design Consultation

From our designers perspective, this is the most important meeting:

You will find we ask questions, but most importantly we listen to your answers and respond appropriately. It may be that you have in mind exactly how your oak framed orangery design or conservatory design will look, or you may need guidance on the sort of conservatory styles that would compliment your home.

Our professional design team acts as a guide and solution provider for you, our client, with each project we take on designed personally for you. 

We paint a picture of your future vision, how the new space will solve current problems and provide benefits that connect with the client personally.

Your designer will then map out the process for each stage so your expectations are clear. 

1. Design Consultation
2. Design Proposal Reveal
3. Design Installation
Bespoke Oak Orangery

Bespoke Oak Orangery

It is important to us that we build trust and confidence - often we see clients have had a poor experience with another company so may be cautious. During the whole process, we endeavour to be clear and contactable at all times and ensure you receive the best service possible, as we know this is an important investment for you.

Before we even start looking at where your proposed glass extension will be situated we always like to sit down with our clients and get to know them, understand their current home environment scenario and what they are trying to achieve by understanding the project brief.

Our recommendations are broken down into 4 Key stages:

Purpose & Functionality

It is really important for us to understand what you like about your existing property. We also identify anything about the property that doesn’t quite work. Perhaps there are areas that do not flow, no communal space, limited natural light, or lack of access to garden views.

It is also important to find out how you intend to use the new space - will it be an open plan kitchen, a large dining area, lounge area or, as we are currently seeing a lot of, office space? We take into account not only the exterior design but also the interior design and how the area needs to suit the use of the room - what will your new glass extension mean to you? Will it enable you to spend more time with family, entertain family and friends, connect with the garden, an area for relaxing, a snug adult room which is separate to the children, a creative space to work? The possibilities are endless.

We know it can be hard to visualise exactly how big you need your glass extension to be, this is why, based on the above conversation, we will be able to recommend the appropriate square footage size to utilise your space. For example, if you have in mind a simple glass conservatory for a dining area, you need to consider the size of your table, chairs and being able to move around it comfortably. Our design consultation takes all things into account.


We like to discuss with our clients their initial design preference and understand the reasons for them.

Conservatory, orangery, or garden room? Will you be replacing an existing structure? Have you seen a design that you like? Want to consider alternatives to Oak such as painted hardwood or aluminium frames? Prefer an orangery roof lantern over an all glass conservatory roof? French doors or Bi fold doors? 

If you are not sure our design experts are happy to advise, making sure that the design suits any existing property architecture.

Frame options:

Traditional or contemporary - we provide a bespoke service, and complete the design and manufacture of an end product specifically suited to all of your requirements.

With a variety of frame materials to choose from you're not restricted on the design, we know this is a personal preference and offer many options to ensure you get the glass extension that you dream of.

There are various door designs available such as french, bi-fold and sliding options - we make sure we find out exactly what your requirements are and work with the overall design to provide the most appropriate option.

To find out more about how we work and to see some projects we have completed click

seasoned oak conservatory

Technical Considerations

We find a lot of our clients may have had a conservatory or orangery built many years ago and are cautious as they may have found it too hot or too cold, were given poor advice or the structure is just old. We explain the benefits of the high spec solar control glazing and how important it is, removing the concerns about temperature control and giving peace of mind.

We identify any building work obstacles that we may need to work around at this stage, so everything is clear for our clients, is there a new base to be built? Is there a drain in the area of the new living space, perhaps a gas flue in the way? We ensure that everything is accounted for, to ensure the installation process is smooth and stress free.

Planning application & building regulation requirements are all taken care of by us. We have a professional and expert support team that will provide guidance and deal with appropriate documentation on our clients behalf as well  as discuss any considerations that may be appropriate for the project in regards to size, open plan knock through to another room for example or the impact on the design due to listed property.

Realistic Investment Required

We clearly identify the budget that needs to be allocated to the project with no hidden charges or additional costs to any project we quote on. The budget we agree with our clients is based on all work that is required. For example you may wish us to build the glass extension or a bespoke oak conservatory alongside a new kitchen installation. This something we can advise on and make sure is included within the budget. 

We also indicate the realistic investment required based on the information you have provided us.

If you can provide an indication of your budget we then set about creating concepts that are reflective of your budget. We create ideas to inspire, giving you a future you can visualise. Typically, the size, design type, frame, material choice and building requirements will primarily indicate the realistic budget required.

oak conservatory

Moving your project forward

Finally, at this first stage, if we are in agreement that the designer is to move to the next stage of a design concepts proposal we spend a great deal of time and thought into creating initial concept visualisations of the project and provide a detailed quotation based on the 4 key aspects of the project brief previously discussed. 

Sometimes we know that a complex project can require a great deal of design work at this stage. If this is the case then a Design & Feasibility Study may be advised, for a fee, which is then discounted from the overall project cost if the client chooses to move forward with installation of the project by Richmond Oak.

oak orangery sussex

The study is bespoke to the individual client project and provides a more detailed review of the project, full set of design proposal variations with agreed number of revisions and drawings appropriate for a pre planning application advice. If the client decides not to pursue the project with Richmond Oak then the D&F study is there to keep and use as they wish.

We then hope that our client will move to the next stage of confirming Richmond Oak to complete the build of the project, of which this includes completing a planning permission application if required, before carrying out the installation.

Please see the case study on the Instagram link below; replacing a dark & dingy traditional tiled roof lean-to extension with a bright spacious seasoned oak framed orangery. This new living space opened up with the existing kitchen and lounge area, whilst the bifold doors provided the perfect connection to the garden.

oak orangery kitchen extension

View more on Instagram

Coming up next in this series of blogs, we will go into detail about the grand unveiling of your proposed Design Concept, always an exciting day!

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For further useful information make sure to visit our Conservatory Advice Hub

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To help you with your project decisions regarding your bespoke hardwood conservatory or orangery, we have put together the new Richmond Oak Brochure.

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