Why you would choose an oak framed extension for additional living space?

In the UK, we live in some of the smallest houses in Europe so the ability to create additional living space is highly prized. Yet we all have very different requirements from the dream space we want to create. Whether it be somewhere to enjoy the benefits of natural light with family and friends, a place to relax on your own and enjoy views of the garden or an inspiring home office environment. 

Of course, individuals will always have different needs, wants and aspirations when it comes to re-modelling their homes. We recently worked with a husband and wife who had very different goals for their new oak framed extension. Yet by working together with them and listening to their desires for their additional living space, we were able to create a design that satisfied them both.

3D design concept of an oak Orangery

Bespoke design

The Richmond Oak design process is absolutely bespoke. Our designers will work with you to determine exactly what you want from your new hardwood glazed extension. Do you simply need more room, or are you looking to create a real wow factor for your home? Will your new timber glazed living space also provide natural light to flood an adjoining dimly lit room or create a change of environment from the rest of your property?

Once our design team have listened to and understood your aspirations for your oak conservatory, orangery or garden room extension, they’ll create a 3D visualisation that is tailor-made to meet your expectations and be sympathetic to your home. 

A stress-free process

Once you've agreed the details of the design process and are happy to proceed, we can begin making your new additional oak framed living space a reality. That involves us taking responsibility for any necessary planning permissions, so you can begin to focus on the fun job of deciding on the décor and choosing furnishings.

By working in such a detailed and personalised way, we’ll create your dream living space that brings a unique extra dimension to your property. We can honestly say that in all the years that we've been creating bespoke hardwood conservatories and oak orangeries, no two structures have ever been identical.

Why choose a hardwood conservatory, orangery or garden room?

A conservatory can make a truly harmonious addition to your home, creating a feeling of true spaciousness by flooding your extension and adjoining rooms with light, whilst the sense of bringing the outside in.

For a more substantial addition to your home, try the generous proportions of an orangery. Typically has an area of flat roof, within which is built one or more glazed roof lanterns.

Make sure you discuss all your design options thoroughly. Some people prefer a tiled or slate roof garden room for assumed better temperature regulation, but we’ll work with you and advise on the best glazing climate control options that allow for a fully glazed wooden structure that doesn’t overheat in summer or freeze in winter. Something else to consider with a tiled roof is natural light and the knock on affect it could have with adjoining rooms. However, achieving a bright garden room living space is down to the expertise of the designer being able to provide a solution, often with the use of velux windows, to your requirements.

In fact, the real beauty of choosing a bespoke seasoned oak framed conservatory, orangery or garden room is the sheer flexibility of design options. With the help of our experienced designers, you’ll achieve the additional living space that you crave in a way that is not only truly functional but absolutely stylish, perfectly adapted to your needs and in keeping with the property.

Want to find out more about the bespoke oak framed extension design services that we provide? Give us a call on   08456 442257   or request a call-back today!

Richmond Oak Brochure Download

Need a little more information?

To help you with your project decisions regarding your bespoke hardwood conservatory or orangery, we have put together the new Richmond Oak Brochure.

"Creating Your Dream Living Space"

The first step to your dream living space starts here... add more space, more light, more 'Wow' to your property & home!

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