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Chant | Listed Building Project

See what Mr Chant has to say about his Richmond Oak experience

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"We wanted to extend our property by going into the garden.  We have a wonderful garden, we wanted to bring that indoors and that was the reason for having an Orangery.

Our main concerns were that we were Grade II Listed and we wanted a building that would conform with the property and which would satisfy the conservation officer who was particularly fussy.

The Richmond Oak Orangery was a wonderful addition.  It's brought us out into the garden. We sit here, very much all through the year. We can enjoy the outside and as I'm speaking now, I can see two squirrels running through a tree right outside. It's done that sort of thing and brought all that we love in our garden into our house.

When we were considering the Orangery the Richmond Oak representative came down to see us and he was knowledgeable and he gave us all the information we wanted. He knew his job very well and was able to reassure us on the points that were of concern, and he pointed out the best design for the Orangery to fit with the building and, he was excellent.

During the process of building, Richmond Oak aren't a 9 to 5 company. You can get them of a evening or even weekends, and any little problems, they deal with perfectly.

One wonderful feature of the Orangery is being the fact that the design and the glass used has meant that at no time, even in the hottest day in summer, is it uncomfortable. In conjunction with the opening windows and the vents in the roof and the glass, heat is not a problem. Oh, and in winter, of course, we've got the underfloor heating which kicks in and we're still able to use the room perfectly.

Everything was delivered on time. The installation people came and carried out the work as and when they said and it was completed, again all on time, on scheduled and to our great satisfaction.

Know what you want yourself and give this information to Richmond Oak, but then, listen to what they have to say.They're not a company that go into hard sell, they have great experience and if you listen to them and work with them, they can give you a product which will keep you happy."

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