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What Does A Hardwood Conservatory Cost

What Does A Hardwood Conservatory Cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is ‘what does a hardwood conservatory cost?’ The simple answer is it depends on...

How to Add Glass Extensions To Listed Buildings

Are you thinking about adding a glass extension to your listed building but are worried about planning restrictions spoiling your fun?

Conservation Areas and Areas of Natural Beauty

Conservation Areas and Areas of Natural Beauty

Applying for Conservation Area Consent or for permission to build in a ANOB is a separate issue from applying for Conservatory Planning...

Seasoned - Air Dried - Green Oak

Seasoned, Air Dried or Green Oak  (Must Read)

One of the most frequent question we get asked is "What is the difference between Seasoned Oak, Green Oak & Air Dried Oak?"

Conservatory Glass Explained

Conservatory Glass Explained

When selecting the conservatory glass & glazing for a conservatory, glass is usually a much better option than cheap polycarbonate...

Conservatory Heating

Conservatory Heating
& Ventilation

On sunny days your conservatory will quickly warm up and when evening falls you can use window blinds to trap the heat inside.


Factors affecting Conservatory Prices

The main factors affecting conservatory price are location, size, type, material, , frame type, frame features, doors, window openings...

Conservatory Ball park Figures

The Value of a Conservatory Ball Park Figure

There's not a day goes past when we are not asked "Please can you provide a quote or budget price" from a rough description over the phone...

Richmond Oak Conservatory Planning Permission

Conservatory Planning Permission

Conservatory Planning Permission and Building Regulations are two different issues in the planning and building of a conservatory and should not be...

Glazing next to a boundary

Glazing next to a Boundary
is not a good move

Almost every week I get asked to include glazing next to a boundary, or on the boundary, which I always refuse. In 35 years, I've never done it and...

Richmond Oak Party Wall Act

Conservatory Party Walls Explained

The Party Wall Act 1996 regulates what you can and cannot do when building on part, or close to, a neighbouring property. You will need to refer to...

Richmond Oak Conservatory Planning Permission

Conservatory near Sewers discussed

If there is an inspection cover on the site of your conservatory, you must also bear in mind how the foundations for the conservatory will...

Richmond Oak Roof Vents

Conservatory Roof Vents Considered

As mentioned on the previous page, since heat rises it is sensible to have some form of ventilation in the roof of the conservatory and one or...

Richmond Oak Ground Works & Foundations

Conservatory Ground Conditions & Foundations

Before any work can be started on the foundations of a conservatory, an understanding of the conservatory ground conditions and subsoil...

Conservatory Building Regulations

Conservatory Building Regulations

Access and facilities for disabled people, Damp-proofing, Drainage, Electrical safety, Energy conservation, Fire precautions...

Traditional Strength Oak Conservatories

Traditional Strength

Are you confused about what type of Oak you should be using in your project? Our Oak is naturally seasoned for traditional strength.

Sustainable & environment-friendly Oak frames

Sustainable & environment-friendly Oak frames

...comparing the oak we choose with woods used by other conservatory companies, Richmond Oak offers further advantages.

Listed Building Consent

Listed Buildings Planning Consent

If you live in a listed building and wish to add a conservatory to it, you must obtain Listed Buildings Consent before construction starts...

Richmond Oak Buyers Guide

Need a little more information?

To help you with your buying decision of your bespoke hardwood conservatory or orangery, we have put together the Richmond Oak Buyers Guide.

"What you need to know when planning to Improve Your Home with a Conservatory or Orangery"

Looking for more inspiration?

Head over to Conservatory Photos to view more Richmond Oak completed projects now

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