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An Introduction to Building with Oak – Conservatories & Orangeries

If you’re thinking of building an oak extension - whether in the form of a conservatory, orangery or garden room - you will probably have a few questions about using oak as a building material. For example - is it easy to maintain? Will you need planning permission? Will it be hugely expensive? These are all common queries and concerns.

In fact, oak is a fantastic building material. Not only does it look stunning, but it also provides a wealth of structural and environmental benefits, earning oak its place as one of the best and most effective building materials.

oak framed orangery extensions in Kent

Continue reading our ‘Introduction to Building with Oak’ for answers to some of the most common questions.

What are the benefits of building with oak?

There are a huge number of benefits to building with oak. Firstly, one of its most obvious benefits is its aesthetic appeal. Oak looks fantastic and an oak extension will add character and charm to any property.

Another benefit is oak’s strength and durability. An oak extension is expected to last for up to 100 years (more than three times the average lifetime of a uVPC conservatory).

In addition, building with oak is great for the environment. Timber is sustainable, renewable and recyclable - making it a very eco-friendly material. At Richmond Oak, we only use Class 1, FSC certified fully seasoned European White Oak - meaning it has been sourced from responsibly managed forests.

seasoned oak framed conservatory extension in Hertfordshire

What structures can you build with oak?

Oak is an incredibly versatile material and is suitable for a huge range of structures, from entire oak framed houses to oak conservatories, oak orangeries, oak sunrooms and oak garden rooms. In addition, oak can be used for a variety of features within your home, including oak windows and doors.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to building with oak, and the experts at Richmond Oak will be able to design a structure which suits your exact needs and requirements.

Do you need planning permission when building with oak?

As with any building project, the requirement for planning permission will depend on the size, type and location of the building or extension you are planning. Building with oak is no different - and there are no special planning permission requirements related to using oak as a building material.

As a general rule of thumb, you can extend without planning permission by 3m for semi-detached houses and 4m for detached houses. However, if you live within a Conservation area or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, planning permission is usually always necessary.

When building a timber extension, it is always best to check planning permission guidelines with your local authority. In the event that you do require planning permission, the Planning Permission Coordinators at Richmond Oak are on hand to take care of this entire process for you.

Is building with oak expensive?

Oak is by no means the cheapest building material available. However, its durability, low maintenance needs and long lifetime means it is actually a very cost effective one. And whilst building an entire oak framed house might be out of the question for most, an oak framed extension is the perfect way to add ‘wow factor’ to your home whilst remaining in budget.

Richmond Oak will discuss your specific requirements, along with your budget, at your very first consultation, designing a bespoke solution which suits your needs.

Here at Richmond Oak Conservatories we design and install stunning hardwood extensions, including conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms. If you’re thinking of building with oak, and would like to discuss your needs and ideas with one of our friendly experts, simply get in touch today. We will work with you to create a beautiful extension which meets your requirements and maximises the many benefits of using oak.

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