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Building in Area of Natural Beauty

conservatories-in-areas-of-outstanding-natural-beautyIf you do live in a AONB you will need to apply for Planning Permission to build a conservatory. You should contact your Local Authority to do so; they will usually look of requests more favourably if local materials are used. You can ask your designer, architect or builder for advise on this. They will usually recommend the use of natural local stone for any brickwork and natural timber, such as oak, rather than man-made materials.

The design may also be important. Choosing a design that is in harmony with your home or is characteristic of the local architecture may find more favour with the Planning Officer you have to deal with. It is also worth taking the time to look at how other conservatories have been built close to you so that you can get some design cues from them.

You can continue to find advice about building a conservatory by using the search box or by returning to the Conservatory Advice home page.

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