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Conservatory Ceiling Fans

conservatory-ventilationceiling fan can aid the ventilation in a conservatory. In the summer they provide a down draught that will aid cooling and by reversing the direction of the fan in the winter they can re-circulate warm air trapped at the top of the roof downwards.

When specifying a ceiling fan make sure you choose one with a large blade span for a large conservatory. You may need to fit more than one to maximise their benefit. The distance the blades turn from the roof is also important, place them too close to the roof and they will not have sufficient air to work with.

Ceiling fans can help you save on heating bills in the winter and air conditioning costs in the summer by using the warm or cool air already available more efficiently. If you buy ones with built in lights you will also save having to duplicate electric wiring to multiple units. Most ceiling fans can run at variable speeds, but make sure of this before purchasing.

Enough of the practicalities, what about style? You can buy ceiling fans in all sorts of styles to match the design of your conservatory. You can find contemporary, traditional, Arts & Crafts and many other designs in High Street stores or on the Internet.

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