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Conservatory Furniture

conservatory-furnitureOnce your conservatory is finished you will want to choose your conservatory furniture to give it the finishing touch. Of course, you can use furniture already in use elsewhere in the house, but do avoid using any expensive of heirloom items that can be damaged by heat or by rapid changes in temperature. Even veneered wood furniture can suffer in a conservatory with expansion and contraction due to heat.

The other problem is fading to fabrics and furnishings caused by the sun, so it is sensible to avoid using dark colours, especially reds, that can fade very quickly. This is a major problem in south facing conservatories, so unless you are prepared to cover your furniture every time you leave the conservatory, it is best to choose light colours which will fade less and in case give a feeling of greater spaciousness. Alternatively, make sure that you install and use conservatory blinds.

If you are choosing wood furniture, choose a solid wood like teak that has the added advantage that you can use it outside if need be.

You should also consider using:

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