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Conservatory Planning Permission

conservatory-planning-requirementsPlanning Permission and Building Regulations are two different issues and often mixed up by people unfamiliar with the two processes. In both instances your Local Authority has responsibility which in a nutshell are:

  • Planning Permission is the permission to erect or extend a conservatory
  • Building Regulations define how the new conservatory must be built

There’s a link on this site to Building Regulations here.

We recommend that you try the interactive Visual Guide for Householders that you can find on the Governments Planning Portal website: Interactive Visual Guide for Householders.

You will find that we cover many of the issues related to Planning Permission for conservatories if you click on the following subjects:

Please note, we have written about Planning Permission for Conservatories as it applies to England and Wales only. Scotland and Northern Ireland have different regulations and you will need to get information about these locally.

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