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Conservatory Size

conservatory-sizesIn our experience most people overestimate the size of the conservatory that they need. It’s a salutary experience to take a look at a new housing development. The foundations usually look to be garage-sized proportions, but when you return a few months later a great four bedroomed house is on the site!

Average Room Size

The best advice we can give you about conservatory size is to firstly measure some of the rooms in your home and look at how much furniture you have in the space. (The average room size in the UK is around 16² meters and slightly less than this in newly built property.)

Then get outside with some bricks, string, garden twine or some lengths of wood and dummy up the size of the conservatory you would like on the ground in situ. Take some garden furniture and arrange it in your outlined space; mark the positions of doors from the house and into the garden so you can see the thoroughfares and then see how comfortably you can move around your furniture and how much space you need.

Might be a good idea to pour yourself a drink at this time and enjoy the view before getting out a tape measure and seeing what size you’ve set out.

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