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How to clean hardwood conservatories

Contemporary style hardwood conservatory

Contemporary style hardwood conservatory

Adding a hardwood conservatory is a sophisticated way to bring the outdoors into your home. A beautiful transitional timber and glass extension makes a stunning space for entertaining, spending quality time with family or place to relax on your own in a tranquil environment.

There’s a common myth that choosing a uPVC conservatory implies no maintenance, whereas a hardwood structure requires time-consuming upkeep. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. A timber conservatory will continue to look beautiful long after a uPVC conservatory has attracted a layer of dust and grime. And when uPVC joints pop with expansion and become unglued and unclipped over time, a wood conservatory maintains its structural integrity.

Seasoned oak conservatory

Seasoned oak conservatory

Why choose a timber conservatory?

Hardwood, especially oak, remains the most desirable material with which to build a wooden conservatory, orangery or garden room. You can create bespoke structures and make a feature of beautiful roof timbers in a way that aluminium and uPVC structures can’t begin to match.

However, for many people, there remains the question of maintenance. Of course, timber-framed structures require attention, but no more so than any other type of material frames used for a conservatory. And a properly maintained hardwood conservatory will continue to look stunning and add value to your property long after uPVC has passed its best.

Oak contemporary conservatory in Hampshire

Oak contemporary conservatory in Hampshire

Maintaining your hardwood conservatory

Timber is surprisingly easy to maintain if you attend to it little and often, instead of letting your timber frame become worn and neglected. Simply rub down with fine wire wool and then apply your chosen wood finish or paint every couple of years. If you prefer the look of weathered and silvered hardwood, then oil the timbers less frequently but don’t forget to apply to preserve and keep the wood healthy. When it starts to look tired, freshen it up.

Premium conservatory companies use aluminium cappings to seal the glass and roof beams and they will typically last for a decade before any attention is required. Aluminium or uPVC guttering requires cleaning twice yearly in spring and autumn, but that particular task should be part and parcel of your routine household maintenance.

Have your windows cleaned regularly - if you have self-cleaning glass, consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Clear up any spills on wood window boards before they get the chance to cause damage and gently clean the entire wooden structure once a year with warm water, mild detergent and a soft cloth. Avoid using a pressure washer as directed jets of water are too harsh for the timbers.

Oak gable conservatory on a Grade 2 Listed Property

Oak gable conservatory on a Grade 2 Listed Property

Maximise the lifespan of your hardwood conservatory

Your wood conservatory will need a complete re-coat at least every 5 years, although hardwoods such as oak will need re-coating more frequently. That will also depend on the type of finish you use, the colour and the exposure to direct sunlight. For example, if your conservatory faces south or south-west, one side will generally weather more than the other.

Pay particular attention to the lower edges of the frame, the corners and the sills. These are all within easy reach and are therefore most exposed to damage, so keep them well maintained and repaired. Looking after these details will ensure that your timber conservatory, orangery or garden room looks its best all year long and lasts for decades. If in doubt ask for advice before doing any maintenance.

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