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How to create the perfect living space extension for your home

Create the perfect living space with a bespoke Conservatory, Orangery or Garden Room

If you’re thinking of expanding on your living space then it’s worth looking into adding a wooden Orangery, Conservatory, or Garden Room extension to your home.

These home extension design types make for perfect light and airy living spaces that provide many benefits that will enhance your home life whether it be with family or friends, whilst adding a 'Wow' factor to your property. There  are plenty of styles that you could go for and our experienced design team are on hand to advise you from initial conception, the planning application stage, right through to the final construction.

Bespoke hardwood conservatory living space in Surrey

Hardwood orangery kitchen extension with oak roof lantern and bi fold doors

Award winning oak garden room living space in Somerset

Add some height to your living space with a hardwood Garden Room

Are you thinking of adding a Garden Room to your property? Who can blame you? These  extensions are perfect for those looking to add some height to their living area. We  designed a project for a very happy client in Potten End, Hertfordshire, that featured a  tiled roof, with a tall ceiling that has exposed seasoned oak beams to make the room feel  bigger. The end result was a beautiful, spacious, oak framed Garden Room that blends  seamlessly with the existing property. 

Bespoke oak framed garden room living space in Hertfordshire

To find out more about this hardwood Garden Room case study please click here

Looking to for a light and airy living space?

If you’re looking to create a light and airy living space, then we would suggest adding a roof  lantern into your design. Oak roof lanterns are beautiful features, typically used in orangeries, that maximise the natural light to create a bright and spacious living room.

We’ve had lots of our clients incorporate roof lanterns into their hardwood orangery designs, especially those using the space as a kitchen or living room extension. The oak orangery in the image below is from our Kendrick case study in Surrey. This client wanted a hardwood orangery as a way of expanding on their existing kitchen space, whilst also including a spiral staircase wine cellar below the orangery floor.

Bespoke hardwood orangery kitchen extension in surrey with bi fold doors

The addition of the large oak roof lantern allows in plenty of natural light into the living  space, and the solar-control glass that we used means that summer heat is reduced by a  staggering 83%. This oak framed living space is not only light and bright, it is also stays at a comfortable temperature when it’s hot outside in the summer.

To find out more about this oak Orangery case study please click here

Need a relaxed living area for the family to unwind in?

Want to enjoy your gorgeous garden views from your living room?  A wooden conservatory extension from Richmond Oak is just what you need!

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Take a look at the image below from an oak conservatory project that we completed for a client with a Listed Property in Hertfordshire. Not only did we assist with the design and build of the conservatory, we also helped with attaining the planning permission to build on the Grade 2 Listed Property.

Bespoke Oak Conservatory living space on a Listed Property in Hertfordshire

The objective of this project was to create a relaxing family space with an uninterrupted view of their garden. We achieved this by designing an oak conservatory that  faces into the garden and utilises the windows to allow for beautiful garden views. By using high-quality glazing specification and solar control glass, the living space stays cool in the summer heat and warm during those colder winter months.

To find out more about this case study please click here

Do you have a project in mind and want to find out more about the bespoke services we provide? Give us a call on 08456 442257 or request a call-back today!

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