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Kitchen Conservatory

conservatory-typesA kitchen conservatory makes a great extension to a home as the kitchen is often the place where the family congregate. Trouble is that very often the kitchen is too small to accommodate all the appliances you need, tables, seating and people milling about. So to stop your kitchen looking and sounding like Piccadilly Circus in the rush hour, add a conservatory and extend the space.

Most people leave their appliances at the “old” end of the kitchen and add seating and tables in the new bright and airy part. You’ll need to allow for adequate ventilation to allow steam and heat from cooking to escape and in a south-facing conservatory some form of blinds or shading may be necessary.

If you have sufficient space, the dining area can be large enough to entertain for lunch or dinner, close enough to mum cooking indoors… or dad’s BBQ outside!

From breakfast to suppertime, a kitchen conservatory can become the focal part of the home, so it’s important that it’s planned and designed well, has adequate heating in the winter and ventilation year-round. Lighting fixtures are also important especially if you plan to dine or entertain at night.

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