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Lloyd Loom Furniture

conservatory-furnitureIn 1907 an American with English parents, Marshall Burns Lloyd, invented Lloyd Loom, a woven twisted paper wound round a reinforced steel wire. It revolutionised part of the furniture industry since suddenly a cane looking material could be made that didn’t vary in texture depending on the diameter of the cane. Not only that, but compared to rattan furniture it could be produced in less than a quarter of the time and was therefore cheaper to make and as an additional benefit, more durable.

Lloyd Loom furniture was extremely popular and fashionable in the 20’s and 30’s it was used on ocean going liners, in the Royal Box at the Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis Club. For the RAF wide easy chairs were made that allowed Battle of Britain pilots to sit outside in their thick flying jackets before being scrambled.

Lloyd Loom Furniture is still made is elegant and desirable; redolent with the romance and history attached to it. Like rattan furniture it is available in variety of colours and being lightweight can be moved outdoors on summer days. Lloyd Loom furniture looks super in fashionable conservatories whether they be period or modern.

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