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Natural Stone Conservatory Floors

conservatory-flooringThere is a good choice of natural stone flooring products to choose for your conservatory in a variety of colours and natural markings:

  • Granite Tiles are immensely hard due to the way it was formed deep underground under huge pressure. Granite’s density makes it highly resistant to liquids making it suitable for conservatories and it can be polished to a high gloss finish which looks fantastic.
  • Limestone Tiles are a good natural flooring option, they are usually pale in colour and can have interesting surface markings created when the limestone was formed. You will need to ensure that the floor is sealed before use.
  • Marble Tiles are available in a variety of colours. Because they are susceptible to damage by acids, even mild ones such as found in lemons or spilt orange juice; they should not be used if your conservatory is part of a kitchen area. While a marble floor looks beautiful, it can also mark easily, so it is not ideal in high traffic areas and you will need to polish it regularly to maintain its look.
  • Slate Tiles are available from many countries around the world. They come in different colours and textures and are suitable conservatories. They will need sealing and in the first few weeks of use small flakes can be dislodged from them. However, they soon settle in after which they will need resealing to protect the flaked areas.
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