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Planning Conservation Areas

conservatory-planning-requirementsA conservation area is an area of special architectural or historic interest. They are designated by local authorities to help preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the area.

Once an area has been given conservation area status, it does not mean that everything should be preserved exactly, it’s the character of the area that is most important. So if you are restoring an old conservatory it should be done in the style of what was there previously using acceptable materials; and if you are building a new conservatory it should be built in a way that does not harm the area’s special character.

A planning application for a conservatory in a conservation area normally needs to be made in detail, rather than in outline so that the full impact can be taken into account before a decision is taken.

If you haven’t done so already, take time to read what we have written about applying for planning permission for Listed Buildings and follow the advice there about discussing your plans with Planning Officers and getting the help of architects, designers and installers.

You can find out lots more about Conservation Areas and Planning Permission by going to Conservation Areas.

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