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Wood Conservatory Floors

conservatory-flooringThere are a number of different types of wood conservatory flooring that have various degrees of suitability for use in a conservatory:

Natural Hardwood Conservatory Floors

Until recently hardwood floors were not recommended for use in a conservatory, especially if there was a wet area which could make the planks shrinkage, warp or split. Using natural hardwood flooring in a south-facing conservatory was also not recommended due to the excessive heat and danger from shrinking, warping and splitting.

Engineered Hardwood Conservatory Floors

However Engineered Hardwood can withstand heat and moisture with minimal movement. Unlike laminate engineered hardwood has a real wood surface which sits on top of several layers of other wood, such as plywood, high density fibreboard or just another hardwood. This “sandwich” gives great strength to the flooring and helps minimise warping and allow various types of real wood surfaces to be used in the extreme environments of a kitchen or conservatory.

Parquet Conservatory Floors

The small thick pieces of wood used to make traditional parquet flooring, were less prone to warping and splitting than planks of wood when used in a conservatory. Thinner modern parquet flooring may be less suitable and it is best to seek advice before specifying parquet flooring for your conservatory.

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