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🌳 We are Back to Work!

Richmond Oak Conservatories is Back to Work

Working safely during COVID-19 in other people’s homes – Update 15/05/20. As of Monday 11th May, We are phasing in the return to site and resuming installations of our client’s oak conservatories and hardwood orangery projects. This decision has been based on updated government guidelines related to tradespeople working within the home during COVID-19, industry suppliers/manufacturers reopening, importantly our installation team and clients being happy to do so.

Top 10 Home Trends for 2020

Top 10 Home Trends for 2020 - Richmond Oak Conservatories

Without question, this has been a strange year. The main thing that we have seen trending is people taking pride in their homes. They are keen to freshen up their homes, with the housing market looking concerning for the next few years ahead. By investing in your home, it will pay off. Even if you’re not planning to move for a few years, it will still increase the value of your property and in the meantime ensure you make the most of the space available to you.

The wellbeing benefits of Yoga and the perfect home environment to practice within

The wellbeing benefits of Yoga

Our homes are so important to us, especially in this time of isolation. Not just a place where we eat and sleep but also where we exercise, work, entertain ourselves and take care of family. That’s why it’s a good idea to create a self care space. Your self care space at home is where you can shut the outside world out and tune inward. Having a space where you can relax and take care of yourself is so important in times like these.

Spring has sprung! Top 10 tips for the Spring Garden in 2020

Sping Has Sprung - Richmond Oak Conservatories

Spring is in the air and has come exactly at the right time. Over the coming weeks we will be spending more time than ever at home due to the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in. The springtime weather will enable us to enjoy the garden and appreciate it even more. Below are our Top 10 tips for the spring garden in 2010, we hope you find them useful no matter how green fingered you are.

10 top tips for working from home

10 top tips for working from home

Here at Richmond Oak our admin and design team are working from home for the foreseeable future – Here’s what we’re doing to cope through these ‘stay-at-home’ times. For most of us, working from home is a new experience and we need to adapt to the change in environment. Here are a few tips that we have recommended to our team and you may find useful.

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