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Conservatories Near Sewers

Conservatories near sewers require special attention:Building Over Sewers (on private non-shared drains only)If there is an inspection cover on the site of your conservatory, you must also bear in mind how the foundations for the conservatory will accommodate sewer pipes. You need to ensure that the weight of the foundation is not imposed on the […]

Conservatory Party Walls

Richmond Oak Party Wall Act

The Party Wall Act 1996 regulates what you can and cannot do when building on part, or close to, a neighbouring property. You will need to refer to the Party Wall Act if you are planning to build a conservatory.You can download a copy of the Party Wall Act Explanatory Booklet where you will find […]

Factors Affecting Conservatory Prices


The main factors affecting conservatory price are:Glazed Extensions (excluding Building Work)Location: Instead of having three sides, frequently a conservatory is into a corner, with just two sides, or sometimes into a courtyard, with only one side. Occasionally, a conservatory is freestanding with four sides.Size: width, projection, frame height, height at house wallType: Conservatory with a […]

Conservatory Planning Permission

Richmond Oak Conservatory Planning Permission

Conservatory Planning Permission and Building Regulations are two different issues in the planning and building of a conservatory and should not be confused even though your Local Authority manage both. Since the changes in 2008, with respect to planning, there is no difference between a single storey solid roof extension, a conservatory, an orangery or […]

Orangeries in York

Conservatories & Orangeries in York & Yorkshire Award winning orangeries York and beyond If you are looking for orangeries in York or the surrounding areas, contact Richmond Oak Conservatories today. We can offer bespoke orangery design and our award winning design team can cover locations across the UK. Take a look at our fantastic orangery […]

Wood Conservatory Floors

There are a number of different types of wood conservatory flooring that have various degrees of suitability for use in a conservatory: Natural Hardwood Conservatory Floors Until recently hardwood floors were not recommended for use in a conservatory, especially if there was a wet area which could make the planks shrinkage, warp or split. Using natural hardwood […]

West Facing Conservatory

A west-facing conservatory provides good sunlight on bright afternoons and into late summer evenings. They are similar to south-facing conservatories in some respects but without the harsh midday sun. In the evenings they enable you to enjoy the sun for longer. A west-facing conservatory may need some heating in the morning and ventilation via windows, […]

Victorian Conservatory

Victorian architecture can relate to a number of different architectural styles prevalent in Queen Victoria’s long reign. In conservatory design the most usual forms are the confusingly named Queen Anne style and the Arts and Crafts style. Queen Anne Style Conservatory A Queen Anne Style Conservatory will most likely have the following features: Bay windows Complicated, […]