Conservatory Blinds

blinds-for-conservatoriesSome people complain that their conservatories are too hot in summer and too cold in winter, even though they have taken care of ventilation and heating. But if you want to make your conservatory a room you can enjoy all year round, you should really consider installing conservatory blinds. They will help cut your heating bills in the winter by reducing the amount of warm air escaping through un-insulated glass and your cooling bills in the summer will be lower since the build-up of heat will be reduced.

What’s more, their design can make the interior of the conservatory an even more appealing room to spend time if they are chosen to complement your conservatory design. Conservatory blinds will also reduce damage to conservatory furniture by giving protection to UV light.

Traditionally, conservatory blinds simply shaded the conservatory and added a decorative feature, but modern Solar blinds reflect heat in the summer and retain it in the winter and it is these that you should consider if you want to help towards energy conservation.

There are three basic styles:

Venetian blinds are sometimes specified for conservatory windows, but you then have the trouble of finding something to match for the conservatory roof. Vertical blinds can cause difficulties with inward opening windows and doors.

If you are thinking about adding the finishing touches to your conservatory you are likely to be thinking about blinds. Specialist Conservatory blinds are an essential aid to temperature and light control as well as adding style to your room.

appeal_conservatory_blindsAppeal are experts in the manufacture of high quality Conservatory blinds, and have over 24 years of experience and an unrivalled reputation for quality which is why we recommend Appeal to our customers.

As well as looking stylish, Appeal Blinds will keep your room cool in summer and put the finishing touches to the look and decor of the room. And in winter they will help reduce heat loss and keep the room cosy and warm.

To obtain a free colour brochure and details on how to style your conservatory please click here.

An alternative or an addition to an interior conservatory blind is an exterior blind or conservatory awnings

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