Conservatory Building Regulations

conservatory-building-regulationsBuilding Regulations set minimum standards in the construction of buildings for the health, safety, comfort and convenience of building users. The regulations cover structural stability, fire precautions, means of escape, damp-proofing, sound insulation, electrical safety, ventilation, drainage, energy conservation and access and facilities for disabled people.

Follow this link to download a free copy of the Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet for England & Wales.

Currently the extension (conservatory or orangery) will be considered EXEMPT from Building Regulations if:

  • Has a floor area not exceeding 30sq meters.
  • Is sited at ground level.
  • Walls are substantially glazed – no less than 50% excluding existing walls or a boundary wall (This is no longer a regulation and is used purely as a guideline, but not enforceable)
  • Roof is more than 75% glazed (This is no longer a regulation and is used purely as a guideline, but not enforceable)
  • Glazing satisfies Building Regulations Part N which you can download by following the link shown
  • Does not contain any drainage facilities such as a sink, WC or washing machine
  • Radiator, if fitted, should be thermostatically controlled and have an ON/OFF control
  • Will be permanently separated from the remainder of the property by means of an external specification of door or other barrier

Approved Private Building Inspections

Companies carrying out work over a large number of local authority areas frequently use approved private companies to carry out their building inspections and certify that the project is compliant to building regulations. Richmond Oak Conservatories Ltd use MLM Building Control Limited to carry out our building control, as they apply the Building Regulations consistently throughout the UK and so we are not subject to the varying opinions of many Local Building Inspectors.

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