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Conservatory Design

conservatory-designsChoosing the conservatory design and style you would like for your home is exciting, but you need to take several design factors into consideration before taking the plunge and finalising the design. You may be limited in your design options by the room available in which you can build and it is important to review this on our, Conservatory Size pages.

If you live in a Conservation Area or in a Listed Building, your choice may be defined by the architectural style of your home and the need to have a conservatory that is complementary to it.

Conservatory Architecture

Conservatory styles can be broken down into two groups. The first are defined by the period or style of architecture that influenced them:

Conservatory Design

The second group are defined by the design features included in them:

You can find out more about these architectural and design styles by following any of the links above, or by starting your review at Georgian Conservatory >>

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