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Conservatory Extractor Fans

conservatory-ventilationExtractor Fans can make frequent changes of air in the conservatory, and modern technology and designs mean that they are virtually silent when running under normal circumstances. They can be noisier when turned on to maximum power, but if you specify one with a large enough motor maximum power will rarely be needed.

An extractor fan in the summer makes a great deal of sense, but using one in the winter means you will be throwing away great volumes of expensively heated air. If you plan to use your conservatory in the winter and are heating it, you should look at installing heat recovery extractor fans. These are environmentally friendly since they can recover 70-80%, or sometimes even more, of the heat that they extract and return it to the conservatory.

Extractor fans installed in conservatory kitchens will need to be stronger than those used in other domestic rooms as they have to cope with extracting condensation, cooking smells and heat from appliances.

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