Conservatory Ventilation

conservatory-ventilationGood conservatory ventilation is most important to maintain a comfortable environment that you can enjoy throughout the year. You must also bear in mind that it’s not just you that will wilt in hot weather, if you have plants in your conservatory moisture in the root ball will evaporate and they will keel over and die.

Building Regulations 2000 provides guidance for the minimum ventilation requirements for new conservatories. The guidance applies to any new conservatory with a floor area over 30m². The ventilation rates are given together with advice on the location of controls. Most important is the advice given on the ventilation rate for an existing room adjacent to the conservatory especially when the door(s) adjoining the existing room are closed.

If you are planning a Kitchen Conservatory a greater amount of ventilation will need to be provided to allow for the use of water and cooking appliances within it.

On the most part managing conservatory ventilation in the summer months is commonsense. Heat rises, so you need to ensure that there are adequate ventilation points on the roof of the conservatory or at the top of windows. You will also need to draw colder air into the conservatory. If for example you have a South Facing conservatory adjoining a north facing room, you should draw air in from the bottom of windows in this room to get a good draught of cooler air flowing into the conservatory.

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