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Conservatory Wood Cleaning

conservatory-cleaningThe exterior of an oak conservatory can be left untreated and over time it will fade and acquire a beautiful weathered appearance. But if you prefer, depending on the direction your conservatory is facing and its exposure to sun, high temperatures and rain, you can brush clean the exterior of the conservatory once or twice a year or perhaps even give it a wipe down with warm water. Then, after allowing it to dry, you can give it a fresh oil treatment to bring out the grain and preserve the natural colour.

There are a number of oils available that come with built-in ultraviolet light protection that will help reduce the bleaching impact of the sun.

The epitome of perfection is to treat the exterior of your conservatory with Tung Oil. The Chinese have used Tung Oil for hundreds of years to waterproof all types of exterior woods. It is resistant to water, a variety of acids and alkalis and flexible after application, facts bourn out by the use of Tung Oil to waterproof junks.

Tung Oil or Danish Oil can also be used on the exterior woodwork of your conservatory, but you will probably not have to clean this as often as the exterior woodwork.

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