Home interior design trends for 2021

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Country Styling

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After an unprecedented 2020, there is a need for comfort and the safety of the home, this has resulted in this cosy and traditional styling becoming increasingly popular.

Think, rustic, exposed wood, especially exposed beams, original wooden flooring, panelled walls, or of course Oak Framed Glass Extensions.

oak garden rooms

Upcycled furniture mixed with more modern pieces, not everything being pristine, with accessories that are vintage and elegant, from beautiful vintage tea sets to striking gold lamps.

Fabrics in hushed, muted floral tones with plain pastel colours to compliment.

This comforting surrounding is sure to make staying at home a pleasure.


An Opulent Retreat

As we have already mentioned, with so many of us being required to work from home and remain inside for nearly a year, the focus has been on surroundings.

It makes sense that we want to create an opulence around ourselves, glamorous and chic, this design trend sees the home design as one of a boutique hotel, with luxury fabrics such as velvet, and cashmere.

Classic damask wallpaper, with bold prints and traditional statement pieces of antique furniture and art.

The ideal setting to close the front door and retreat to the luxury within.

oak orangery

Multi-Functional Spaces

Many of us have had to replan our homes based on the fact that we need to incorporate a home office.

The home office has now become a statement part of the home, with investments in furniture to compliment the home and include the home office as something more permanent.

Gardens have increasingly become more of an extension to the home, with additional space being created from installations of glazed extensions in the form of conservatories and orangeries and also stand-alone garden rooms.

wooden orangery

There is also a greater need to have entertainment space within the home garden, a connection with nature, a place to relax and exercise.

As our interiors have now become multipurpose in design this has now flowed through to the garden.


Wooden Wall Panelling

Bringing in rustic vibes, cabin styling to the more formal wood-panelled walls, that you traditionally would have seen in a beautiful drawing-room.

Wood itself is a design trend for floors and for architecture, such as beams, spectacular hardwood and oak glass extensions, in its natural form.

wooden conservatory

In decorative styling, the trend of formal panels, painted in dark, opulent colours with mostly one statement wall continues to grow. The once considered only square panels have now been modernised with crossed panels and oblong.

The rustic, shiplap style of panelling gives a beautiful, serene backdrop, painted in dusky neutral tones, think of the interior or a beach hut.

Cabin styling is very much suited to an oak glazed extension or garden room, imagine a wood burner, sheepskin rugs, exposed wood.

With such natural wood surrounding you, it creates a comforting environment.


House Plants

Bringing the outdoors in with greenery.

From retro hanging creepers, dramatic tropical leaf, traditional blooms, bringing vibrancy and colour into the home.

The days of the sitting room being the only place for plants has long passed, with no room untouched, a glance at Pinterest will show each of our rooms delightfully decorated with flora and fauna.

Of course, the health benefits of plants are well known, delivering oxygen and filtering the air.

It does not stop there, as we all are spending so much time indoors the trend emerging is for interior edible gardens, including herbs and some smaller salad plants and vegetables.

The perfect arrangement on any kitchen window.

We hope that our first top 5 of this year has stirred your creative juices, look out next month to see our next top 5 top picks.

oak conservatory

To speak to one of our design team to find out how we can help you create the perfect home environment, contact us 01323 442255

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