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Why Oak?

Are you confused about what type of Oak you should be using in your project?

Seasoned - Air Dried - Green Oak

One of the most frequent question we get asked is: "What is the difference between Seasoned Oak, Green Oak & Air Dried Oak?"

why_oakWhy Oak?

The natural choice for hardwood conservatory and orangery construction

European Oak
Quercus Robur

Grown across Europe from the British Isles to Eastern Europe, the European Oak (Quercus Robur) is at the heart of our architectural tradition. Flourishing in our temperate, changeable climate, examples of its ability to stand the test of time are everywhere. The half-timbering of our great stately homes and the magnificent antique hammer-beamed roofs of our ancient churches, show how this most beautiful of hardwoods has inspired generations of carpenters and carvers.

Oak will not only last for centuries, but will also grow even more attractive as it weathers and ages. What more suitable material could there be for your hardwood conservatory or orangery?

Only Richmond Oak offers colour choices, where you can have the combination of a natural, treated hardwood interior and an exterior painted to blend with your existing architecture. Alternatively, you can have a painted colour inside and out, or our Client’s current favourite option with Osmo Oil 429 Natural finish, which has exceptional protection against the harmful UV sunlight.

Most importantly, the Oak used by Richmond Oak is properly seasoned (felled, dried and stacked, allowing air movement between the boards to allow it to dry naturally). Unlike Green Oak or Air Dried Oak, naturally seasoned oak has minimal movement and is suitable for glazed constructions, such as Conservatories, Orangeries and Garden Rooms. Glass should never be used adjacent to Green Oak and we at Richmond Oak also recommend against glazing adacant to Air Dried Oak, because it still moves significantly, as it dries out. Whilst, being able to produce attractive looking structures, from a distance, Richmond Oak will not compromise our projects using Green Oak or Air Dried Oak.

Not only do we used seasoned oak, we also increase the strength and stability of our frames and rafters by manufacturing our conservatory and orangery frames and rafters using oak, laminated from 20-30mm boards.

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