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Won’t it be too hot/cold with that much glass?

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Firstly, we welcome questions here at Richmond Oak. We love working with our clients in harmony on projects to create their dream living space.

We thought it might be useful to create a blog post each month based on the most important questions that we get asked about conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms.

This month’s topic is about using high quality glass to help control the temperature of your home extension.

Richmond Oak Conservatory Glass

Question: Wont it be too hot/cold with that much glass?
We often find that temperature is asked about when discussing the initial design of a timber glazed home extension. This is largely down to the amount of glazed glass that is used to create the living space. Now, glass does effect temperature, we aren’t denying that. Glass that is of a high standard of specification, however, does actually affect the temperature significantly in a positive way.

Know your glass
Prior to the year 2000, Solar Control glass was not readily available. This meant that most conservatories, orangeries, and garden rooms were badly affected by seasonal temperature changes.

Today, there are a number of cost-effective glass type options available that both reduce the amount of heat loss from the room whilst also keeping out the glare from the sun.

When it comes to heat reflection, there are two key aspect to bear in mind. These are; heat deflection on a hot day alongside heat retention on a cold day. Heat deflection is addressed with Solar control glass and heat retention is controlled with low emissivity glass.

Here at Richmond Oak, we only ever use the highest glass specifications to ensure that your oak glazed living space stays at a comfortable temperature, all year round.

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